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Saturday, June 25, 2011

the 14th has come .....

i wrote this on the 14th of June, but due to some TECHNICAL difficulties could not post it here. :)

The fourteenth of the month. A date that never fails to show up and also, never fails to get the better off me. I get reminded, on every 14th, of all the fourteenths past. The one on which we first talked ever over the phone. The one which is my birthday. The one on which we met for the first time. The one which is your birthday. The ones we used to celebrate every month. And the one on which you left me. And the ones on which I tried winning you back again. The one that was yours. The one that was mine. The one that was ours. The one that broke our worlds apart. All of them.

This 14th of June I turned 24. It was my first birthday when you weren’t the first one to call. In fact, on this birthday, no one called. J

I really miss my mom. And my dad. And my brothers.

Its too far away here.


  1. I wish u much better 14s for future, with much better people.

  2. ahan . thanks :) i wish you better 14s too !